Monday, March 28, 2011

guilt and discipline

Last night we left the house to take a walk. We headed to a nice parade recently built along a riverbank, it is a really nice place, not too crowded, lots of plants, bike lanes, the weather was just right. The one thing we didn't consider was that the parking lot of this dream is across the street from the movie theater we regularly go to.  Little gardener reluctantly climbed on her ride, she wanted to go to the movies instead, we said we would, at the end of our walk (and we meant it). We made it almost to the end of our plan, little gardener was now pushing her wheels to the exit but at some point her patience ended. She started whining and complaining "I'm too tired, let's go to the movies, I want popcorn"; she had done well at walking so we headed to the theater, it was packed (all right, we promised). One more hour until the next show (ok, we'll do grocery shopping tomorrow). We hadn't had any supper yet (decisions, decisions), let's go have dinner and come back for the next show... And hell unleashed... we dragged her out in tears, no explanation would comfort her, promises of steak and broccoli  (her favorite combo) did nothing. She yelled all the way to the restaurant, when we parked many heads turned our way (I'm sure it sounded like child slaughter) then my patience came to its limit. I smacked her cute bottom once, gave my disappointment speech and some of my famous "we can always go home if you are not ready to behave" and we were ready to sit and eat. 
Luckily our food was before us in no time, and... she ate the whole thing... voraciously. And then (gulp) she fell sound sleep. Yes, guilt, lots of it. Little gardener was cranky and hungry after all, not throwing a tantrum. 

This mom could definitely use a cup of coffee to wash this down.

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